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November 9, 2010

NPR President Opens Mouth Again, Stuff falls out

NPR President, Vivian Schiller: "Liberal brains are this big."

Not Liberal brains, Mizzz Schiller.  Liberal heads.

Question:  Why is NPR still receiving our tax dollars?  And why do Liberals continually have to prove to everybody how smart they are?

NPR President: Our Listeners Are Smarter

National Public Radio President Vivian Schiller, who made headlines for firing news analyst Juan Williams, a Fox News contributor, told an audience Sunday that NPR’s viewers are a league apart from those of other media organizations — a hypothesis proven by its comments section on the network’s website.

Schiller, who was speaking at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Washington, D.C., said the comments section of most media websites are full of “people yelling at each other” and “going off-subject.”

But NPR’s commentators – and, she infers, its audience – are “intelligent and informed.”

Take, for example, the comments found in an NPR post about the infamous 2009 “balloon boy,” Schiller said during the question-and-answer session of the discussion.

“Twenty-foot diameter, 4-feet-tall would get you about 77 pounds of lift at sea-level, not including the weight of the equipment,” Schiller quoted from the site. “Average 6-year-old is 45 pounds, average weight of equipment would be 32 pounds, which might have been reasonable if there was very thin Mylar.”

Schiller then cited another comment by an NPR listener that disproved the math of the previous comment.

Schiller was also asked by The Daily Caller about Williams’ recent firing from NPR in the wake of remarks he made on “The O’Reilly Factor.” She again acknowledged that the media firestorm and consequential calls by some politicians to cut the government portion of NPR’s funding was consequential to the network.

“I have admitted that there were certain aspects of it that we did not handle very well. … In fact, there were certain aspects of this we handled badly,” she is quoted saying.

Got elitism much?  If Libs are so smart, why do they say and believe in such stupid things? If Libs are so smart, then explain California. Explain the Huffington Post’s comments section. If they’re so damn smart, then why does the Pew Research Center conclude that even Bill O’reilly’s audience is smarter than NPR’s? Bill O’reilly!  lol.  How do you like them apples, Mizzzzzz Schiller?  And surely Mizzzz Schiller’s Liberal brilliance would have helped her avoid the public relations debacle that was the Juan Williams firing, wouldn’t it?  But no, she stepped right in it!  Just like she’s stepping in it now.

The reason Libs are so prone to stepping in the dog pile– despite their undeniable brilliance and edumacations– is because they lack WISDOM.  Qualities such as education and intelligence are both part of the secular progressive value set.  But the word “wisdom”, on the other hand, seldom escapes their lips.  Listen for it, but you will not hear them use it.   Wisdom is simple, quiet, humble. And those qualities are NOT part of the sec prog value set.  They are little gods.

Intellect vs Wisdom.  If you had to choose just one of those values to run your life, which would you choose?

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