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November 26, 2010

Tea Party Up, Hate Crimes down

Lefty race baiters can’t seem to catch a break as facts stubbornly continue to defy their narrative.  First, their racially charged cries of wolf failed to stem the Tea Party tide, and now this– as the Tea Party grows in popularity, incidences of racial hate crimes continue their downward trend.  Ten years after the attacks of 9/11, the Left waits with much angst (and anticipation, it seems) for that “backlash” against Muslims that never seems to arrive.  Two years after the election of America’s first black president which is purportedly driving the seething cauldron of racial animus and hatred that is “white America” to the breaking point– despite the Recession, despite the rise of Tea Party politics and the Republican resurgence– those fabled “hate crimes” on which the Left banks for its political survival are DOWN, not up.  Facts I can assure you the Left will conveniently ignore.  They have a narrative and they’re sticking to it.

FBI: Hate Crimes and Anti-Religious Offenses Declined In 2009

The FBI says the number of reported hate crimes dropped significantly in 2009 from the previous year, to their lowest point in more than 15 years, despite the deepening recession and growing social tensions. Anti-religious crimes also declined, although attacks against Jewish targets continued to far outstrip incidents aimed at Muslims and Islamic sites.

Whether that downward trend — and the proportionally low number of anti-Muslim incidents — continued into 2010 will only come to light in next year’s report. Given the supercharged political atmosphere that marked this election year, and flashpoints like the so-called ground zero mosque controversy and the Koran-burning threats that sparked numerous attacks on Muslims, the numbers could spike.

Overall, the numbers represent a drop of 15 percent in all hate crimes to the lowest number reported since 1994, outstripping the 5.5 percent decline in violent crime in 2009 and the 4.9 percent drop in property crimes.

Attacks against Jews and Jewish sites accounted for more than 70 percent of the 2009 incidents against religious targets, while Muslims were targeted in just over 9 percent of the incidents. Both groups have relatively small communities, a few million in each case, as opposed to the nation’s more than 65 million Roman Catholics, for example. The FBI tallied 51 anti-Catholic incidents in total in 2009, 38 against Protestants, and 10 against atheists and agnostics.


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