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November 26, 2010

The Nothing People

The Islamization of the West is not the cause of our civilizational decline, it is a symptom.  The West suffers from a terminal disease we call Secular Humanism/Progressivism.  It is a culture-destroying HIV/AIDS which has rendered the West unable to resist the opportunistic cultural infection that is Islamization which takes full advantage of the West’s weakened immune system.  This interview with Kent Ekeroth of the Sweden Democrats explains why it is happening.

When Sweden Surrendered

Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Kent Ekeroth, the international secretary for the political party, Sweden Democrats (SD) and a candidate for the Swedish parliament in the elections in September 2010.

FP: Kent Ekeroth, welcome to Frontpage Interview.

I would like to talk to you today about the Islamization of Sweden.

Let’s begin by you telling us a bit about the political climate in your country. To what extent have political correctness and multiculturalism infiltrated the society and what destruction are they wreaking?

Ekeroth: Thanks Jamie.

We’ll a friend of mine once described Sweden as a “politically correct dictatorship,” which is a rather good description on how far things have gone in Sweden. I can give you a few examples of exactly how far we are talking about. Our prime minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, said the following soon after he was elected in 2006:

The core Swedish is only barbarism. The rest of the development has come from outside.

Mona Sahlin, now the party leader of the Social Democrats, which is the largest party in Sweden with about 35% of the votes, said in 2002:

“I think that what makes so many Swedes envious of immigrant groups is, you have a culture, an identity, a history, something that binds you. And what do we have? Mid-summers’ eve and such ridiculous things.”

The party leader of the Center Party, who is in the current government coalition, said the following:

“It is really not the Swedes that built Sweden. It was people that came from abroad.”

These three quotes are a pretty clear indicator that things have gone very wrong in Sweden. The Swedish media is censoring the fact that the perpetrators of violent crimes are foreigners. One example of this is when a major Swedish newspaper, Expressen, printed a picture of a criminal that they pixeled to avoid identification. Moreover, they whitened the pixels so that the readers would not see that he was a non-white.

Our courts have even started taking the cultures of perpetrators into account when sentencing. Recently a father got a lower sentence for beating his child with the motivation from the court that “the use of corporal punishment of children is accepted and allowed” in the home country of the father.

Read the rest.

The Secular Progressive Swedes– as is the rest of Europe– are on the path to certain destruction because they have shed their judeo-christian heritage in favor of the modern and enlightened worldview of Secular Humanism/Progressivism.  In effect, in favor of nothing.  Secular Progressivism is not a culture/heritage/history, but rather a worldview that has declared open season on Western culture.  In the words of these Sec Prog politicians cited above, Secular Progressivism has rendered Sweden a self-hating cultural wasteland.  It has rendered the Swedes a nothing people with no identity or sense of self.  And into this vacuum is rushing the cultural super bug that is Islam.

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