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November 28, 2010

Anglican Crackup: church faces ‘piece by piece dissolution’

Opposing camps: Robinson and Rowan

Rowan Williams is a Liberal at heart who knows modern Liberalism has gone too far.  Intellectually (if not in his heart), he understands the homosexualization of the Church is the wolf in sheep’s clothing warned about in Scripture.  Teh Gay Bishop Gene Robinson responds that the Archbishop of Canterbury has been ‘abducted by aliens’ for attempting to save his denomination.

Gay Bishop: Rowan Williams “Abducted by Aliens.”

The Archbishop of Canterbury has been accused of  being ‘abducted by aliens’  over the issue of homosexual clergy.  Controversial American Anglican bishop Gene Robinson condemned Dr Rowan Williams for failing to stop internal rows over the ordination of women and gay priests.

The Bishop of New Hampshire said: ‘I pray for him every day.  ‘I have clergy friends who literally studied at  Archbishop Williams’  feet and who have said to me it is almost as if aliens have come and taken Rowan away from us.

‘They have left something that looks like him but we don’t recognize him any more.’ Bishop Robinson  who is openly gay and whose sexuality caused controversy when he was elected  in 2003, told the Times that Dr Williams is a wonderful human being and a faithful Christian.

But he [Robinson] added: ‘I’m not at all sure that his attempts to hold us together as a communion at all costs is the kind of leadership that this time calls for.’ Bishop Robinson claimed Dr Williams had been tougher on the American church  and demanded a ‘higher standard’  than in other parts of the world.

Meanwhile, Dr Williams claimed that many Church of England parishes could be left without clergy as vicars ‘jump ship’ to the Catholic Church.  He made the warning after meeting Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican during an event to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Pontifical Council for Christian Unity.

It comes just days after it was revealed that five senior CoE bishops were quitting and converting to Catholicism under a scheme launched by the Pope last year.  Known as the English Ordinariate, it allows for Anglicans unhappy at plans to introduce female bishops to ‘switch to Rome’ but still maintain aspects of their CoE faith.


So there you have it.  To dissolve or not to dissolve.  The gay Bishop Gene Robinson actually WANTS the dissolution of the worldwide Anglican communion over the issue of openly practicing gay priests, and Rowan Williams has lost his mind to aliens for trying to prevent it.  This from the same priest who once said the furor over his ordination would “calm down” and pose no threat to the Church once folks realized it wasn’t a big deal.  Meanwhile, Rowan Williams warns against the ‘piece by piece dissolution’ of the church.  But how to respond to this threat without compromising his own visceral commitment to Lib PC?  It’s a conundrum, and he finds himself powerless to respond because HE WON’T TAKE SIDES on the core substance of the issue.

Anglican church faces ‘piece by piece dissolution’

Dr Rowan Williams, the archbishop of Canterbury, warned of the risk of “piece-by-piece dissolution” of worldwide Anglicanism in a heartfelt personal plea today to warring factions in the Church of England.  At the opening of the church’s general synod in London, he called for all parties to put aside their disputes and agree on a fresh framework for settling differences across the 70 million-strong international communion.

The synod votes tomorrow on the Anglican covenant, which has been seven years in the making, and sets the Church of England at a crucial crossroads. The church is already facing probable defections to Roman Catholicism by some priests opposed to the ordination of women bishops.

The vote will be crucial as not only is the Church of England the mother church of the communion, but Williams is its spiritual head. A senior church official told the Guardian: “There is no Plan B. If this falls, the communion is in ruins.”

Williams used his presidential address to the first day of the general synod to urge both sides to calm down, listen to each other and work through their differences.  “For God’s sake,” he said. “Don’t let us waste time and energy talking or behaving as if there were competition going on here … I don’t think we are doing the job for which God has called us here if we reproduce the worst aspects of secular partisanship.”

Williams, who has tried to keep disparate churches talking rather than leave the communion altogether, articulated the hopelessness of taking up entrenched positions on homosexuality, criticising both sides in the debate.  “It is unthinkingly treated by some as almost the sole test of biblical fidelity or doctrinal orthodoxy. It is unthinkingly regarded by others as one of those matters on which the church must be brought into line with what our culture can make sense of … The covenant proposals are the only sign at the moment of the work that has to be done.”

The archbishop acknowledged that he was “bound to accept” his share of “reproach” for the lack of progress in major debates and invited the synod to help him do better by creating an “ambience where better understanding may happen”.  Earlier, the supreme governor of the Church of England, the Queen, addressed the synod, reflecting on the “difficult, painful choices” ahead.


Too late, my dear Archbishop.  The “worst aspects of secular partisanship” come part and parcel with the secular humanist “new tolerance” that has infiltrated the Church.  The flock is scattering to the four winds because the Anglican Church has invited the wolves to dinner.


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