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November 28, 2010

Backlash!!! Arsonist Sets Fire To Oregon Mosque Frequented By Terrorist

The Salman Al-Farisi Center in Corvallis, Oregon

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Arson caused a fire on Sunday at an Islamic center that was the occasional place of worship for a Somali-born teen who two days ago was arrested on charges of plotting a terror attack in Portland, authorities said.

The fire at the Salman Al-Farisi Islamic Center was set early Sunday morning, said Carla Pusateri, a fire prevention officer for the Corvallis Fire Department.  She said “quite a bit of evidence” was left at the scene, which led her to believe the fire was intentionally set. No injuries have been reported.

The Islamic center was frequented by Mohamed Osman Mohamud, a 19-year-old held on charges of plotting to carry out a terror attack at a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland on Friday.  Yosof Wanly, imam at the Salman Alfarisi Islamic Center, said Mohamud was a normal student who went to athletic events, drank the occasional beer and was into rap music and culture.

Wanly said Mohamud was religious but didn’t come to the mosque consistently.  The fire on Sunday was contained to one room, burning 80 percent of the center’s office, Wanly said. The worship areas were untouched.

Wanly has been advised by friends to take his family out of their home, and to “another person’s house due to the possibility of hate crimes,” he said. “I’m going to look into it, especially because my face has been on the news a lot.”

Wanly said the local populace has always been accepting of Muslims.


CCHQ denounces this firebombing.  Though note it was committed in the dead of night, so injury or death wasn’t the goal.

The local (Liberal) populace has always been accepting of Muslims, and yet this jihadi was ready to give his own life to see this loving, Liberal local populace blown to smithereens.  Do you really think you will be spared, Libs?  His target wasn’t a U.S. marine or an Army tank on Muslim soil, it was the very same community that had lovingly embraced him as their neighbor.  Monster.  And while he doesn’t represent the Muslim population at large, everybody knows violent kook arsonists represent all Reichwingers.

ps., note to Muslim houses of worship.  This may be unfair, but there are kooks out there holding you accountable for the terrorists in your midst.  If you don’t take action, apparently somebody will.



  1. This is why we have a problem in the first place. Attempting to instigate pogroms and set fire to mosques and then complaining about terrorism is like joining the Wehrmacht and complaining about all those people in Leningrad and Athens who want you dead.

    Comment by Will leFey — November 28, 2010 @ 18:16

  2. Committing acts of terrorism and then complaining about pogroms is like…

    Comment by Jesusland — November 28, 2010 @ 18:36

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