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December 9, 2010

Charles the Hammer, Savior of Christianity in the West

History is my passion, and this is one of its turning points.  After the fall of Rome and during what is today known as the “Dark Ages”, Islam– through force of arms alone– was ascendant and making what would be the first of its many incursions into the Christian West.  In the year 711, the Islamic tide crossed the straights of Gibraltar, quickly and easily overcoming the poorly organized Visigothic tribes of Iberia who stood up to resist them.  The defeat– so utter and complete at the hands of this unstoppable Islamic force– handed virtually the entire peninsula into 700 years of real darkness, I don’t care how the Caliphate of Al-Andalus is described today by modern scholars.  But the ever expansionist Religion of Peace was not yet finished with Europe.  In 732, they crossed the Pyrenees into France and proceeded with their conquest of Europe and its barbarian rabble.  What the Moslems had not counted on was that the Frankish tribes were not the disorganized hordes they had faced in the Visigoths.  Under Charles Martel– a general of the Merovingian kings– the Franks had been quietly building a standing army to match the conquering juggernaut Islam was hurling against them.  Christian and Muslim met in the field of battle at Tours in southern France where the armies of Islam were utterly vanquished.  It was one of the critical victories over Islam in Europe which might have turned out very differently but for that one very specific man of resolve, the kind of man who seem to appear at the right time and place by the grace of God.  So grave was the Islamic threat, and so glorious Martel’s victory, that after the battle he was crowned king.  His dynasty later gave rise to emperor Charlemagne– Carolus Magnus— who earned his title by attempting to single-handedly raise the West from the decline into which it had fallen.  Sadly, their efforts may have been for naught.  Demographic trends indicate that everything men like this fought to preserve will be lost to Islam in this century without a shot being fired thanks to our declining fertility rates and mass Islamic immigration.

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