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December 12, 2010

Holy War Looms in Eurabia

Islam has been trying to conquer the West for over a thousand years, so far to no avail.  But what they have failed to accomplish by force of arms, they now aim to achieve through multiculturalism and mass Islamic immigration. In effect, the Leftwing doctrine of multiculturalism is giving birth to a clash of civilizations within our own borders. You know the situation is reaching a critical state when even our own Liberal ankle-grabbers start getting anxious, as appears to be the case here.  Who will resist this cultural jihad?  Conservatives will!  For when a Lib joins the resistance he has defacto declared for conservatism.  And the situation WILL spiral out of control if we don’t act now.  We don’t want violence, and we don’t seek bloodshed.  Yet I predict it will come to this because the culture destroyers of the Left have seriously miscalculated if they believe a people will simply lay down and die while their culture– their “being”– is wiped clean.  History testifies to this.  CCHQ has previously warned of balkanization on a continental scale if this keeps up, and now this very language is being used in mainstream news outlets like this:

Islamists raise fears of violent ‘clash of cultures’ in Europe

LONDON — It is a Sunday night in London’s East End and the self-styled “most hated man in Britain” is holding court, reveling in his vision of a Taliban victory over America and a world under Islamic Shariah law.  The crowd of about 250 listens intently as Anjem Choudary issues a call to arms in the pristine surroundings of the newly refurbished art deco conference center, built to host weddings and business meetings.

“There are many battlefields,” he says calmly into a microphone. “There’s a battlefield outside 10 Downing Street [home to Britain’s prime minister] and in the mountains of the Tora Bora [in Afghanistan].”  Any man who fails to fight, he warns, will face difficulty when the “angel of death” arrives and he is forced to explain to Allah why he did not raise his hand “against the oppressor” out of fear. “Allah will say to him, ‘Am I not more worthy to be feared than them?'” Choudary says.

“Allahu Akbar!” the men shout out in unison, as if a war cry, during his speech. “Allahu Akbar.” God is great.  A group of women, all heavily veiled and sitting in a screened-off area, remain quiet throughout.  As former leader of the banned Islamist organizations al-Muhajiroun and Islam4UK, Choudary was kept off the bill and appeared as the surprise star speaker at the rally.

His groups may be outlawed but, unlike his female followers, Choudary will not be silenced.  His message is one that echoes across Europe, which experts say is home to thousands of people who would wholeheartedly support Choudary’s “ultimate objective” — the “domination of the world by Islam.”

[But] a backlash is growing. Support for the far-right in normally liberal countries like Sweden and the Netherlands is on the rise. French lawmakers voted for a ban on full face veils. Protest groups, such as the English Defense League which has been linked to soccer hooligans, have made headlines.Le Beau warned of “an incipient clash of cultures.”  The consequences of another terrorist spectacular — intelligence reports recently warned an al-Qaida-linked group was planning to hit Western Europe with a commando-style raid like that on Mumbai, India — could be profound, he suggested.

“I could see that leading to a spontaneous violent reaction on the part of others. Could this spin out of control? Sure,” he said. “I think that would be very dangerous because … it runs the risk of sectarianizing or ‘Balkanizing’ Western Europe.”

Europe is home to ancient conflicts. The Balkans, which includes the former Yugoslavia, has been the scene of intermittent religious strife stretching back to the fall of Constantinople, now Istanbul, to the Muslim Ottoman Empire in 1453.  After the fall of Yugoslavian Communism, a resurgence of ethnic tensions led to the 1992-1995 Bosnian War, during which 8,000 Bosnian Muslim men and boys were massacred by Bosnian Serb forces in a single act of genocide.

The U.K., far removed from such turmoil, has a long tradition of tolerating other countries’ dissidents. In the 19th century, political philosopher Karl Marx took refuge in London after outraging authorities in his native Germany and France.  But that tradition has been frayed by the increasingly vocal presence of Islamists in the U.K.

Read the rest.

Below more Choudry and the growing threat of jihad in Europe.

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