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December 23, 2010

Science! Christmas Trees Should Be Removed From Public Places

War on Christmas? Heavens, no.  This is science!  Nay, medicine.

Christmas trees ‘make non-Christians feel excluded’

Researchers at Simon Fraser University in Canada, found non-Christians feel less self-assured and have fewer positive feelings if a Christmas tree was in the room. The scientists conducted the study using 77 Christians and 57 non-believers, including Buddhists and Sikhs.

The participants did not know the survey was about Christmas, and were asked to fill in questions about themselves both when a 12-inch Christmas tree was in the room and when it was not.  Non-celebrators” reported fewer positive feelings and less self-assurance in the Christmas room. Christians were mostly cheered by the tree.

Christians, however, did report feeling more guilt when a tree was in the room, which, claim the researchers, suggests the holidays can be stressful. Michael Schmitt, a social psychologist behind the research, decided to carry out the study after controversy over whether Christmas should be celebrated in public in case it offends non-Christians.

“We’re not suggesting ‘no Christmas’ or ‘no Christmas displays at all,’ but in contexts where we really do value respecting and including diversity in terms of religion, the safest option is not to have these kinds of displays.  “I understand why it might feel threatening to people.

“But I think if people do care about making a whole range of different kinds of people feel included and respected, then we can make some small changes that would go a long way toward creating a more multicultural or inclusive society. The researchers published their results in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.


Even when it hides behind “science”, Leftism reveals it’s utter illogic.  They claim they want both a multicultural and inclusive society.  But both are mutually exclusive goals.  To be “inclusive”, we must essentially sanitize away all differences lest someone feel “excluded” by another’s culture.  But multiculturalism is supposed to be about differences, which means it is BY DEFINITION the opposite of inclusive, as the celebration of one culture automatically excludes those of another culture (just as they claim Christmas does).

So which do you want, Leftards?  Multiculturalism?  Or “Inclusive.”  You cannot have both.  Now pull your heads out of your arse and try to make some sense for a change.  Or simply admit that your real goal is not “inclusivity” but the eradication of judeo-christian.

Conservatives have another word for “inclusive”, it’s called ASSIMILATION.

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