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January 12, 2011

The Dishonesty of Bill Maher

Bill Maher typifies the depths to which the Left will sink in order to score political points against their enemies.  They don’t even try to be honest and consistent.  Here Maher speaks for many if not most on the Left as he explains why Liberals are the epitome of tolerance, prudence and virtue, while conservatives are EVIL, MEAN, NASTY inciters who make jihadis look like pikers (yes, he almost goes that far).  Anderson Cooper asks him why Libs insisted we not “rush to judgment” in the aftermath of Ft. Hood, yet may be doing just that with the Jared Loughner shooting.  His answer?  “I don’t understand that analogy.” Nuance! Anderson Cooper has no follow up question to that (they never do when they’re interviewing their fellow travellers).

Maher also says his own incitement to hatred and violence (see his Cheney deathwish below) is merely “comedy”, President Obama’s “gun to a knife fight” comment was metaphorical (which it was), but Palin’s “targeted” districts graphic was an incitement to violence.

He’s all over the map on this one.  That is a sign of one thing and one thing only– INTELLECTUAL DISHONESTY.  They are lying to you, America.  They incite hatred and violence, call it comedy or “speaking truth to power”, and then use character assassination and blood libel to attack so-called incitement by conservatives.

Defends Obama’s ‘Gun to Knife-Fight’ Comment

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Bill Maher Speaks on Tucson Shooting, G…, posted with vodpod

Says Cheney’s Death Would Save Lives

Bill Maher: “I’m just saying if [Cheney] did die, other people, more people would live. That’s a fact.”

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