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March 26, 2010

Breitbart Ignores Politics, Focuses on the Culture

The Guru: Andrew Breitbart

We are losing the West, not because we can’t win elections, but because we lost the culture.  Andrew Breitbart gets it.  He knows the battle for the heart and soul of America does not lie in party politics.  Victory goes to those who control our cultural institutions– the media, entertainment, academia, and I believe even the churches.  Everything else flows from that.  Everything.

This is not a sympathetic piece by Time, but at least they try to play it right down the middle (probably because the author knows Breitbart’s an up and coming news aggregator and doesn’t want to entirely alienate him either).

Citizen Breitbart

Breitbart perceives himself as a new-media David out to slay old-media Goliaths. As he sees it, the left exercises its power not via mastery of the issues but through control of the entertainment industry, print and television journalism and government agencies that set social policy. “Politics,” he often says, “is downstream from culture. I want to change the cultural narrative.” Thus the Big sites devote their energy less to trying to influence the legislative process in Washington than to attacking the institutions and people Breitbart believes dictate the American conversation. Recently, Big Hollywood has gone after Sesame Street for a musical number titled “We All Sing with the Same Voice” that, it alleges, contains “controversial political messages designed to promote multiculturalism.” Big Government has targeted the Obama Administration’s safe-schools czar, Kevin Jennings, for a reading list, compiled when he headed the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network, that includes books depicting adolescent homosexual encounters.

Such cultural crusades might seem to appeal mostly to the far-right fringe, but Breitbart is tapping a deep reservoir of conservative dismay. Former Bush Administration official (and TIME contributor) David Frum says, “What matters to [conservatives] is not why the government is spending $15 million on this or that. What matters is a perception that hostile forces are invading your home, school and family. Those forces come in on TV and in newspapers. An enormous amount of what conservatism now does is media criticism.”

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Note the picture.  Taylor made for Time’s limousine Lib readership.  The wine, the bubble bath, etc.  Breitbart’s an “influential” conservative.  hahaha!  Morons.