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February 21, 2010

How To Deal With The Race Baiters

New rule: when they call you a racist, the conversation is over.

And again, here, with Democratic hatchet man Max Blumenthal:

When they pull the race card they aren’t looking for a conversation, they’re not looking for a meeting of the minds, they aren’t looking for an intelligent exchange.  At that point there’s little use engaging them because that’s not what they’re looking for.  And they’re right.  We’ve heard each other’s arguments a billion times over already, we can finish each other’s sentences.  What’s left to talk about?  Besides it’s not them we’re really trying to reach.  We’re talking to the undecideds.  And so are they.  The race card is just their attempt to shut you down and keep you from being heard by the undecided middle.  And they will engage in the politics of personal destruction and character assassination if that’s what it takes.  So you treat them accordingly:  when you invite them into your house only to be slandered as a racist, you do what Breitbart did– send them packing.