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December 5, 2009

President Obama’s “Smart Power” Paying Dividends, #2

You won’t see this on the Huffington Post.  This is hardball Klingon style.


Absolutely shocking.   This is not amusing at all.  Nor something about which to gloat.  I feel humiliated for the man.

President Obama could certainly draw the plebes on his apology tours overseas, but how effective were those apologies in the Klingon halls of power?  This is the president who is going to disarm Iran?  hehe!  Thanks for the belly laugh.  No, this is a president way out of his league.  Iran has no intention of cooperating with this wet noodle.  Why should they?  When he remained silent during the Iran democracy protests, he portrayed himself as toothless.

We needed Russian help with Iran.  They are giving us none.  In fact, they are colluding with the Iranians.  But that didn’t have to be the case!  President “Unclenched Fist” Obama gave the Russians our missile defense shield in Poland.  What did they give him in return?  Nothing.  Zilch. Nada. He gave it to them for free, and in response he gets the Big Snub.  That’s some real hardball our President plays.

I don’t believe the foreign policy advice President Obama is getting could possibly be that bad.  It just can’t be.  I think he’s winging it.  Trying to be “different.”  Like that silly bow to Emperor Akihito.  This man rode to victory in great part based on the power of his charisma and a swooning media.  Is it possible that President Obama has bought into his own hype?  Does he really think the Klingon High Command will respond the way the foreign plebes and intellectuals do?  I think the proof is in the pudding– NO.

Whatever the world may have thought of George Bush personally, they didn’t consider him a wet noodle.  They feared him.  They feared him because they thought he was just a little bit crazy, a “cowboy.”  Unpredictable.  The way they did Ronald Reagan.  And that’s what you want — a President the Klingons fear, and the intellectuals loathe.  So very unlike Presidents Obama and Carter. Because being “liked” doesn’t cut it out there, folks.  It just doesn’t.

UPDATE: an alternative explanation for that “snub.” We report, you decide.