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December 3, 2009

How Conservatives Lost America.

Our country is in the midst of a civil war.  No guns are being fired, no physical casualties are being reported, but the fault lines of this conflict run every bit as deep as they did in 1865.  This civil war is cold.  It is a Cold War for the soul of America.  And this time it doesn’t look like the good guys are winning.  We are getting our butts kicked.  It has nothing to do with Barack Obama, or Nancy Pelosi. Republicans could win the next ten presidential elections, and it wouldn’t change a damn thing.  Here’s why:

Conservative Weakness #3: Conservatives hold very few of the key social institutions, and those left are isolated and under assault. Since the 1960’s the progressive movement infiltrated and seized so many of our institutions they have surrounded and isolated conservatives from each other. They wholly own the courts, education, private and public sector unions, vast stretches of local, state, and federal bureaucracies, and the news media. They’ve made significant inroads into the Republican Party. Under Obama, they now have new beachheads in finance, industry, and healthcare.

Conservatives hold small enclaves in the shrinking Christian community, the military, law enforcement, and talk radio. We are surrounded. Progressive brilliantly conquered our institutions by patiently converting power to money, and money to power, in a bottom-up approach. Starting with our children in the 1960s, they now hold the heights of economic and political power. They have outflanked conservative at every turn, even when conservatives thought they were winning. This is why the few remaining conservative enclaves are doomed.

Conservative Weakness #4: Conservatives lost popular culture. We lost it for good in the 1960s, but progressives were at work in Hollywood years earlier. Regardless, it’s gone. There is NO significant conservative foothold anywhere in entertainment. Conservatives only exist in force in the niche talk radio field and on the internet. More importantly, conservatives have no mass media access or pipeline to the youth. Conservatives are cut off from the future.

Conservative Weakness #5: There are no Conservatives beyond American shores. Progressivism is European socialism repackaged with a heavy dash of Marxism and a splash of Fascism. It’s the staple political diet for the rest of the world. Conservatism, based on natural rights and personal liberty, has no formal movement beyond the US. [While] Progressives routinely draw upon resources and support from kindred Social Democrat movements in Europe and elsewhere. American conservatives are alone.

That there is some hella writing….

But there is hope.  Keep reading.