Counterculture Con HQ

December 16, 2009

“The Violent Right”

The Left has succeeded in defining conservatives in this country as latently violent seething cauldrons of anger and rage, ready to blow at the slightest provocation.  This is a premise that has endured in the popular perception for decades; or it certainly has on the Left.  As an erstwhile Liberal I once accepted it as unquestionably true.  Probably because it fits so neatly with the Right’s reputation as “rigid” and “intolerant.”  The Angry White Male.  Also the Right’s association with “war” and our Military, both of which the far Left mythmakers loathe.  Their genuine fear of a Rightwing “backlash” against muslims has its origins here.  Recall also their warnings about a “pogrom” against Jews by Rightwing anti-semites when Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ was released.  They have bought into their own agitprop.  The cultural elites who populate the mainstream media cooperate wholeheartedly in this narrative.  This is how the media attempted to define the “Teabbaggers.”  They were described as a “dangerous” and “extremist” mob.  The threat of greater violence to come always the subtext of how they were covered in the news.  But except for a few reported tussles involving counter protestors, Tea Parties and townhall meetings were generally peaceful affairs.  Perhaps noisy and disruptive, but peaceful.  Nor have their dreaded “backlash” or “pogroms” materialized.

Compare and contrast that with Copenhagen:

The violence at Copenhagen has been relatively mild as far as I’m concerned.  Certainly in comparison to what we’ve seen in the past.  But the fact is Leftwing protests have always been violent affairs.  Which is odd, considering the Left’s association with pacifism and non-violence.  But I suspect the latter has more to do with tactics than it does ideology.  Because wherever Leftwing protestors congregate in large numbers, violence breaks out.  Although more so in Europe than in the U.S.  The reason is very simple, gentle readers– the Left has a license to violence.  For many, getting arrested is actually something to be worn as a badge of honor.  It’s a visual to their peers of their commitment to “justice.”  It is also an instrument of disruption by which to overwhelm “the System.”  Hatred of that system is deeply ingrained into their genetic code.  This premise–that they are fighting for justice–is their license to violence.  Even among mainstream Liberals the expression “light something on fire” is currently in vogue.  The Left began as an ideology of violent revolution–often against injustice, admittedly–and that legacy endures to this day.  The violent Left is on full display in Copenhagen.   And this premise–of the violent Right–is no longer a premise we at CCHQ buy into.

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