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March 30, 2010

Dem “Violent Right” Narrative Continues

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Lefty talker, Ed Schultz, comes out reciting the DNC “violent Right” talking points, is given a spanking for it, and sent home crying to mommy.  He then blames “the Right” for unfairly attacking him. lol.  Then his sidekick, Laura Flanders, comes to the rescue, but just resorts to the same talking points, using the same “spitting” and “nigger” examples we’ve already debunked.  This will be their well-orchestrated game plan until November.

Schultz: “I have to apologize to my audience tonight.  This was not the way this interview was supposed to go.  But this is how the Righties operate.”

Ed Schultz comes off as a buffoon here because he is forced to explain his own extreme comments about Dick Cheney, even as he denies others the same right to put their own comments into context.  They did that to George Bush for eight years, and they’re still doing it today.  They get to explain their moronic statements, you don’t.  Politics 101.

UPDATE: The “coffins” have already been debunked too.