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February 14, 2010

Europe Is Lost — Revisited

Secular progressivism is a civilization killer.  It has managed to accomplish within a few decades, and without firing a single shot, what Islam has failed to accomplish in over 1,000 years of war with the West.

In Europe, secular progressivism has created a cultural and spiritual vacuum in the name of multiculturalism and moral relativism.  Nature abhors a vacuum, and Islam is filling that void.  It has created a society that refuses to reproduce.  The young are not being replaced.  The Left’s malthusian views on overpopulation, gender roles, and the environment ensures that there won’t be enough people to care for their aging population.  This requires them to import a foreign workforce from the Middle East and North Africa to keep the welfare state ponzi scheme rolling.  The culturally alien Islamic population being imported refuses to integrate because their religion is by nature supremacist, as well as perhaps, admittedly, because of European attitudes on race and nationality which make that assimilation harder.  Whatever the reason may be, the result is the same–balkanization and cultural annihilation by demographic invasion.  It’s happenning, gentle readers.  This is no longer even being denied by the governments of Europe.  You have seen what the macro picture looks like here. Now the troubling micro view, below:


America must avoid the mistakes Europe has made.  We must control immigration from Islamic countries.  We must humbly but unapologetically promote christianity and the judeochristian worldview.  We must trash the civilization-killing model of multiculturalism, in favor of full assimilation and Americanization.   We must challenge the tyranny of political correctness that seeks to stifle your voice and muddle your thinking.  And we must take back the reigns of our country from the far Left who have wrought plagues of every kind on our civilization since the day these bolsheviks overran the Kremlin.  They are our target.  I don’t mean to descend into stridency, gentle readers, but it’s time to shake it up a bit.  Stay true to your morals and we won’t go astray.  Not the morality by politically correct “isms” imposed on you by the far Left, but the judeochristian teachings we were raised with.  Spread the word–unapologetically and without shame.  We have a civilization to save.