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October 30, 2010

White Lib to Black con: “Christianity is a white man’s religion.”

Via Gateway Pundit, an insipid White Liberal berates a black christian conservative for abandoning his “African religion” in favor of Christianity, a “white man’s religion” (It was actually a Middle Eastern religion until driven out by Islam).  Then he calls Republicans racist.  You see, to the modern Liberal, blacks are “Africans” being held hostage in America.  This, of course, is not considered racist, while recognizing them as fully 100% American is.

These are the kind of people I was forced to rub elbows with growing up a Liberal Democrat.  At the time I was perfectly willing to accept their hostility towards Christianity just to maintain my Liberal street cred.  No longer.  Whatever weaknesses the Left may find in the likes of Beck and Palin, I will never have to apologize to them– or anybody on the Right– for the faith of my forefathers.