Counterculture Con HQ

July 2, 2010

The Vanguard Party

Leftists of all stripes are led by the nosering by what Lenin called the “Vanguard party.”  They were (and are) the small ideological, intellectual elite at the forefront of the Marxist revolution.  Lenin believed that “the masses” could not conscienticize themselves on the complexities of Marxism because they were too busy laboring for a living.  Therefore, the task of revolution would fall to this highly committed and disciplined intellectual global vanguard elite.  Today, with the fall of the Soviet Union, Marxism no longer has a homeland, yet it nevertheless continues to thrive in exile as a transnational movement.  The Vanguard Party, too, is transnational, and was therefore largely unaffected by the Soviet collapse.  Lenin’s Vanguard Party was not, as you might imagine, the stuff of cloak and dagger intrigue, with agents receiving direct orders from the Kremlin via dead drops and invisible ink.  Rather, it was (and is) an intellectual elite operating pretty much in the open as academics, publishers, activists, and within Leftist elements of the Church.  They remain as active today as when Lenin coined the term.  Here, Rev. Jeremiah Wright speaks to his fellow travellers of the Vanguard party about the evils of capitalism and its largest earthly institution, America.  He uses terms like the hungry, the have-nots, the dispossessed, the “least of these”, racism, etc.  All fine words, but as dissonant to my ears coming from the likes of Jeremiah Wright as the words liberty, freedom, faith, patriotism, and God bless America, etc., are to Rev. Wright coming from a Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh.

Rev. Wright:  “Land of the greed, and home of the slave.”