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December 3, 2009

America is a Racist Country

Yes, racism still exists in America.

There.  I said it.  The obligatory disclaimer.  Because without that disclaimer we simply aren’t allowed to proceed on this matter.  I might even be accused of being a racist myself.  But I think we’re good now.  We’re covered.  Hopefully.

But racism in America has many faces.  It isn’t just the super sekrit sheet-wearing KKK guy lurking within every suburban home in flyover country.  It’s not just the toothless neo-Nazi hiding out in his clapboard supremacist church deep in the mountains.  It also looks like this:

Thirteen white city firefighters and one Hispanic firefighter were promoted to lieutenants and captains. They were among the firefighters who sued after the city threw out of the test results because too few minorities would have been promoted.

Talk about “institutional racism.”

Let’s face it folks, these white firefighters were penalized by the government because they weren’t of the right color.  It’s that simple.  Despite their hard work and months of preparation for their exam, they were cut–because of their skin color.  So yeah, America is a racist country.  I admit it.  But they are vindicated.  The Supreme Court reversed appellate judge, and all around “wise Latina”, Sonia Sotomayor in a 5-4 vote.  Only 5-4.  It was close.  I’m assuming you can make an educated guess as to who voted against the majority (hint: it wasn’t Scalia, Roberts, or Alito).

I put to you the only racism that still matters, i.e., the only racism that can still hold you back, is the institutional racism of the Left.  And that includes the “soft” racism of low expectations promoted by You Know Who.  Racial slurs and tasteless jokes, on the other hand, have no power over you that you aren’t willing to give it.  And I put to you that this institutional “reverse” racism actually makes racists out of otherwise post-racist American citizens because of the resentment it causes in them and their sympathizers.  Today, the Left is destructive to race relations in America.  It’s that simple.  And they should be called out.

More on their motivations (conscious and subconscious) later.