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December 26, 2009

Hope, Change, Bupkis

Does it ever seem to you there is more terrorism today than under Bush?  President Obama’s “open hand” policy to Middle East dictators, and the muslim world in general, was supposed to stand in sharp contrast to Bush’s antagonism and cowboy antics.  Delivering bupkis so far in that regard though.  From radical Islam, a Christmas present to you:

ROMULUS, Mich. – An attempted terrorist attack on a Christmas Day flight began with a pop and a puff of smoke — sending passengers scrambling to subdue a Nigerian man who claimed to be acting on orders from al-Qaida to blow up the airliner, officials and travelers said.

Merry insanity here. Al-Qaida is suspected.  And it’s still early, but nothing yet on whether he was suffering from “mental illness.”  It is being reported, however, that the terrorist was on a watch list but that it was ignored. We’ll want to get to the bottom of that one too.

Well, if it does seem that way to you–that there is more terrorism now than before–that’s because there are more incidents of terrorism under the Healer in Chief than under Bush.

WASHINGTON — Targeted by drone strikes in Pakistan, Al Qaeda is losing ground and financing even as attacks by Islamist groups are on the rise, according to a report obtained by The Associated Press.

Attacks on civilian targets in Afghanistan by militant Islamic groups are on track to increase by 15-20 percent this year over last year’s totals, said the report by the American Security Project, a bipartisan Washington-based organization.

According to the report, Islamist groups carried out 671 attacks worldwide in 2008. That number is on pace to shoot up by nearly 50 percent and surpass 1,000 for 2009.

More here.

But just as the perception shapers in the liberal media no longer count our dead GIs on a daily basis under President Obama as they did under Bush, he won’t be blamed for the spike in terrorism either, as was our previous president.  What a difference an election makes, huh gentle readers?

UPDATE: Al-Qaida “not a threat” according to chairman of the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, Congressman John Murtha (D).