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December 14, 2009

An Unlikely Champion

Archbishop of the Anglicans

Has the leader of our most insipid of christian denominations, Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, finally thrown his hat in the ring?  The Anglicans have become all but cultural dinosaurs in the formerly great Britain over which they once held stewardship, but which has now irreversibly descended into the neo-paganism and multiculturalism of the secular progressives.  The Anglicans such as Rowan Williams have watched it happen for decades, with nary a word of protest, so great is their desire to be accepted in the “polite company” of the rabidly anti-christian secular intelligentsia.  So great is their desire to be regarded as their intellectual equals.  Christianity’s twilight in the West was to be accepted as a foregone conclusion; the “post-christian” era no more than some intellectual abstraction we must all simply resign ourselves to; an almost pre-ordained outcome, the result of a natural social progression to which we were simply to adapt, not resist.

And by “adapting” the Anglicans have become irrelevant.  Their leadership little more than secular humanists themselves, with only a patina of religion to tell them apart.  Only now are they finally realizing that the rabidly anti-christian secular progressives never had a place for them at the table after all.  At best they were regarded as a trifling nuisance to be ignored until a later date.  Silly priests.  They have never been able to recognize their true enemy, nor the real nature of the threat.

Until now?  God willing it’s not too late.  From Melanie Phillip’s column:

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, comes in for a lot of stick – not least from columnists like me.

But in the past few days, he has said something important. He has criticised Government ministers for thinking that Christian beliefs are no longer relevant in modern Britain, and for looking at religion as a ‘problem’.

Many Government faith initiatives, he observed, assumed that religion was an eccentricity practised by oddballs, foreigners and minorities.

In recent times, there has been a string of cases in which it is no exaggeration to say that British Christians have been persecuted for expressing their faith.

The article then goes down the laundry list of how the secular multiculturalists of the Labor government have acted with open hostility towards christians and christianity, singling them out for treatment not shown to other religions, like say, Islam.  And then she calls out these secular progressives of Labor as the anti-christian bigots and soft racists they really are:

The curious fact is that Labour’s hostility to faith is highly selective. It does everything it can to protect and support minority creeds while appearing to do everything it can to attack Christianity.

The root of this double standard is the unpleasant prejudice that minority faiths hail from cultures where people are less well-educated and so cannot be blamed for their beliefs. This, of course, is a deeply racist attitude, and is commonly found on the Left.

And then,

As Dr Williams observed, one of the effects of the modern hostility to religion is to give the impression that faith is not really very British. But on the contrary, it is part of the national psyche – even among people who don’t go to church.

Wow.  Strong words because they are coming from Rowan Williams himself, not Melanie Phillips or this humble writer.

To stop the denigration of religion, the Archbishop has called on government ministers to be more willing to talk about their own faith. But since this is seen as the province of cranks, politicians are reluctant to do so because of the risk of public ridicule.

This is because among the intelligentsia, the animosity to religion runs even deeper than the upside-down value system of the multicultural agenda. It springs from the fixed view that reason and religion are in diametrically opposite camps.

Notably, however, this is not the case in the U.S., which remains overwhelmingly an upfront Christian society. Its politicians are neither ashamed nor embarrassed to call upon God to bless America at every opportunity.


Unlike U.S. mainstream Churches which, as descendants from the English Puritans, remain deeply wedded to the Biblical tradition, the Church of England has always looked down on true Scriptural believers as half-wits.

With such a half-hearted foundation of religious belief, it has been more vulnerable than other Churches to the secular onslaught against religion.

Dr Williams exemplifies this weakness by trying to go with the flow of social change and is for ever apologising for Christianity.


Rather than complaining about politicians, Dr Williams should use his office to teach the nation about the seminal importance of Christianity to this society. But to do that, he has to have faith in his own Church – a faith that too often appears to be lacking.

So true.

The key point about the U.S. is that it still believes in itself as a nation and in its values, which are rooted in religion. Loyalty to their churches follows from loyalty to the nation in a kind of benign cycle.

In Britain, however, religion and nation have formed a vicious cycle in which hostility to the country’s identity and values reflects and feeds into hostility to the religion upon which they are based.

The Archbishop’s anguish at the onslaught upon Christian faith is very real. But unless he starts promoting the Church as the transcendental custodian of a civilisation rather than the Guardian newspaper at prayer, the society to which it gave rise will continue to sleepwalk off the edge of a religious and cultural cliff.

If you love the smell of napalm in the morning…

We at CCHQ only despise the likes of Rowan and his ilk because they do nothing.  They are little better than collaborators by their inaction, unwilling to admit our Western culture, nay our civilization, is under assault by the secular progressives and their multicultural insanity.  They say and do nothing that could paint them in a bad light with the secular progressives whose love they so dearly crave.  So much easier instead for them to join in on the secular and neopagan pile-on of those kooky christian fundamentalists whose approval nobody cares for.  Those kooks who truly are modern secular society’s “other, ” yet who are the only ones who unapologetically dare to hold out against The Inevitable.

Rowan Williams has acknowledged the threat.  But if this is the beginning of a trend for Archbishop Williams and his priests, I’m yet to be convinced.  The desire by the likes of Williams to be accepted by the modern ruling elites in academia, media and government are too great.  The pressure to conform coming from the secularized neopagan society too strong.  The self-loathing too deep.  The politically correct groupthink too entrenched.  I do not believe the likes of Rowan Williams have the spine.  But if these are more than just the pathetic last bleatings of a lamb on his way to slaughter, he will have many among us, gentle readers, who will raise up our voices on his behalf, will he not? Because the insurgency is looking for leaders.  We need a champion.  Though he makes an unlikely one to be sure.

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