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December 18, 2009

Hollywood’s Inverted Reality

Because reality often tends to have a rather rightwing bias, the arbiters of culture in our entertainment industry are forced to avoid certain topics and concerns deemed as too sensitive to handle by you, the great unwashed.  One of those uncomfortable subjects is the muslim practice of “honor killing.”  I call it a “muslim” practice because although not “koranic” per se, it is nevertheless a sufficiently common practice in cultural Islam that even the so-called secular governments of the Islamic world prefer turn a blind eye to it than incur the people’s wrath by cracking down on the practice. Recently, however, Hollywood courageously broke its silence on the topic in a rather creative way.

The NCIS franchise, a sort of military CSI show, ran with this message in each of last night’s episodes – with a twist.  On NCIS, a young Marine is found murdered. He is found to be a recent convert to Islam (formerly a Christian), and the son of a retired Christian Marine chaplain. As the plot progresses, we find that the widow (also a Christian) has been, shall we say, unfaithful during her husband’s deployment.  The father (the chaplain) has been paying his son’s unit members to harass him into quitting the Marines.  And the murderer, we find, is the brother of the deceased. Why did one brother kill the other? Simply put, the deceased Marine had dishonored his family’s name by converting to Islam – so the Christian brother killed him for it.  That’s right: NCIS featured a CHRISTIAN HONOR KILLING last night.

More on Hollywood’s inverted reality here. Or just the audio.

Untold thousands of muslim women across the world live in fear of their own families because of the practice of honor killing.  Dozens of actual cases are reported in Europe and the U.S. every year.  But the singular time Hollywood broaches the subject, they do it by using a Christian, and in the military. Have you ever gotten the impression, gentle readers, that Hollywood really doesn’t want your money?  You could be forgiven for thinking so.

And now for a christian-free look at the practice of honor killing: