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June 24, 2010

Muslim prophecy: First Constantinople, next Rome

This one deserves another look see.

Good catch by this blogger, Reflections on Faith and Culture. According to Islamic prophecy, the prophet Mohammed predicted the conquest of both Constantinople and Rome.  The first half of the prophecy is now history, with the fall of Constantinople to the Muslims in 1415.  As the Muslim organizers of the above conference put it:

“Are they waiting for anything except the Hour to come to them suddenly? But its Signs have already come!” (Al-Quran, 47:18)

As one of these signs, Imam Ahmad reports in his Musnad that Abdullah bin Amr bin Al-‘As (ra) mentioned: “Whilst we were around the Prophet (saw) writing he was asked, ‘Which of the two cities will be opened first, Constantinople or Rome?‘ He (the Prophet Muhammad) answered, ‘The city of Heraclius will be opened first!'”

The “city of Heraclius” was Constantinople.  That part of the prophecy has thus been fulfilled.

The Great Ottoman, Sultan Muhammad Fatih (rh) fulfilled the first part of this prophecy by conquering Constantinople. Thus, remains the second part. Having been forced out of Andalusia, and more recently, dispersed across the Balkan states, the city of Gaius Julius Caesar (Rome) remains. So let the da’wah begin …



Muslims in the West “living under siege”, indeed.

The second part of the prophecy (Rome) has not yet come to pass.  Thus, the conference organizers proclaim, “let the dawah begin” (dawah” here means a “call”).  They’re not even trying to hide it anymore.  And why should they?  With Western culture firmly in the grip of the post-christian Leftists, they have nothing to fear.

Leftist dhimmis have practically laid the red carpet for their future Islamic overlords with their policy of mass Islamic immigration.  With demographers predicting the Muslim population in Europe to exceed 50% in the next 40-50 years, the Mohammedan prophecy appears to be right on schedule.

Thus we have less to fear from Muslim terrorists than we do mainstream Islam.  Let the conquest begin.