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January 15, 2011

NY Times Caught LYING about Jared Loughner

Leftwing pothead: Jared Loughner

From the word Go, the Left has been trying to shape a thoroughly dishonest and indefensible narrative on the Tucson, AZ shootings, with one goal in mind: pin it on the Right.  So far I haven’t seen anything that rises above mere opinion piece and editorializing (all of them pathetic distortion), none of which I take very seriously.  But this one crosses the line, and it’s all the more egregious because it comes from The New York Times (the Left’s “paper of record”).  This isn’t mere opinion, simple bias, or honest mistake.  This LIE was reported as FACT, and they did it KNOWINGLY.  Here they are trying to link this clearly insane anti-war, Satan-worshipping, Leftwing pothead to Sarah Palin and the conservative pro-Life movement.

First, how ABC News reported the story based on testimony from Jared Loughner’s classmates:

“‘One day (Loughner) started making comments about terrorism and laughing about killing the baby,’ classmate Don Coorough told ABC News, referring to a discussion about abortions. ‘The rest of us were looking at him in shock … I thought this young man was troubled.’

“Another classmate, Lydian Ali, recalled the incident as well.

“‘A girl had written a poem about an abortion. It was very emotional and she was teary eyed and he said something about strapping a bomb to the fetus and making a baby bomber,’ Ali said.”

And now the NY Times inversion:

“After another student read a poem about getting an abortion, Mr. Loughner compared the young woman to a ‘terrorist for killing the baby.'”

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