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April 22, 2010

UK liberal democrat leader, Nick Clegg, run of the mill brit-hating Leftist

UK Lib Dem, Nick Clegg

UK Liberal Democrat candidate, Nick Clegg, is locked in a tight race right now with Prime Minister Gordon Brown of Labour and David Cameron of the Tories.  He compares Britain to Nazi Germany, and it’s hard to tell which he thinks is worse.

The Liberal Democrat leader said the British have “a misplaced sense of superiority, sustained by delusions of grandeur”.  In an article written in 2002, Mr Clegg, who was then MEP for the East Midlands, described the shame he felt over an incident on a school exchange trip to Germany.

“A boy called Adrian started it,” Mr Clegg wrote. “He shouted from the back of the coach, ‘We own your country, we won the war’.”

The future Lib Dem leader said this was an example of what he described as a “warped” British obsession with Germans and the Second World War. “It is easy enough to explain the mixture of arrogance and insecurity that fuels this peculiar British obsession,” he wrote. “Watching Germany rise from its knees after the war and become a vastly more prosperous nation has not been easy on the febrile British psyche.”

He accused politicians, including Gordon Brown, of encouraging “condescension towards Germany and the rest of the EU”.

“All nations have a cross to bear, and none more so than Germany with its memories of Nazism,” Mr Clegg wrote. “But the British cross is more insidious still. A misplaced sense of superiority, sustained by delusions of grandeur and a tenacious obsession with the last war, is much harder to shake off.”

Nicholas Soames, a Tory MP and grandson of Sir Winston Churchill, said Mr Clegg’s comments showed he was “unfit to lead a national party, let alone the country”.  “People across Britain, particularly those who bravely fought for their country, will be disgusted by these comments,” said Mr Soames.


Better to keep quiet and be thought a self-loathing, culture-destroying Sec Prog, than open your mouth and remove all doubt.  Here, the anti-Brit Europhile, Nick Clegg proves that truism in spades.  He continues:

His outburst about World War II was not an isolated incident. In another article from June 2003, Mr Clegg continued to denounce ‘Britain’s culture of superiority’.  Making clear his love affair with all things European, he condemned the British ‘belief in our innate difference from our mainland continental cousins’.

He went on: ‘No other culture in Europe is quite so enamoured by such a false notion of difference. ‘We Brits concoct a historically illiterate notion that we are divorced from outside influences. Maybe it was loss of empire, the choppy waters of the Channel, or the last war.’

Mr Clegg scored highly in last week’s first debate, but his outbursts on foreign policy will see him come under close scrutiny in tonight’s exchanges from Bristol. Those with recent experience of fighting for their country condemned his views.

Colonel Tim Collins, commander of the Royal Irish Regiment during the Iraq War, said: ‘What he’s articulating is the Liberal Democrat view of the British people. ‘They are ashamed of them. They are ashamed of British identity and pandering to those who don’t share it.’

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know where he stands on the Islamization of Britain, does it?  The Gramscists on the Left have always hated primitive notions like patriotism, national pride, religion, traditional culture, and even the very idea of the nation state, all of which they believe underpin and prolong the capitalist system they so despise.   Lib Dem Nick Clegg, is a child of that tradition, though it’s doubtful the gramscists of his generation are even cognizant of the origins of their modern Liberal beliefs anymore.  Just as one can be “born into” Catholicism and not know anything about that religion, so are the likes of Nick Clegg born into the school of Gramsci with no discernment of it.  Like catholicism is to a cultural catholic, so is Gramsci part of the modern Liberal’s DNA.  Nick Clegg’s love for “Europe” over that of his native country is one of the many manifestations of this DNA, and his Nazi Germany comparison should come as no surprise.   Neither of these candidates is worth a damn, Britain, but this guy sucks the worst of all.