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January 2, 2010

PC Deconstructed

While there are some folks who don’t believe President Obama is fit to shine Sarah Palin’s shoes, there’s at least one person out there who does.

Fit to shine her shoes.

The latest 911 at Huffington Post. Someone at a state agency in Colorado is actually getting fired because he forwarded an email with this image.  He isn’t even the originator of that email, he just forwarded it.  Now he’s losing his job.

Is that image racist?  Or just demeaning.  I’m going with the latter mainly because the image would still make sense if he were white instead of black.  I’m going to give Barack Obama the benefit of the doubt that he’s man enough to be trashed like any other president.  I’m giving him that dignity.  Which leads me to my next question.  Is it possible that hypersensitivity by white Liberals to the lampooning of a black president is a form of unintentional racism?  A softer kind of racism?  I believe it is.  Because they won’t give him the dignity I just gave him.  Regardless of where you stand on that one, who got fired for this photo?:

Palin posing for Runner's World.

Clearly an effort to demean her by the folks at Newsweak.  And a sexist one at that, for it’s clear that image wouldn’t work if it were a man. Nobody got fired for it.  In fact, he probably got a raise.  Nevertheless it’s still comparatively mild relative to the vile crap they’ve dished on her to date.  From The Wilding of Sarah Palin:
They dehumanize her by objectifying her body.  They undress her with their eyes.  They turn her into a piece of ass.  Liberals do this by calling her a c__nt, ogling her legs, demeaning her with names like “slutty flight attendant” and “Trailer Park Barbie,” and exposing her flesh on the cover of Newsweek.


A few things you need to know about the political correctness game, gentle readers.  Racism trumps sexism (especially when the woman is a conservative), and Liberals can never, EVER be guilty of either.  Recall how they trashed Hillary during the Dem primaries.  PC is intended to regulate your behaviour, not theirs.  It only goes in one direction because it’s for the purpose of controlling you, not them.  That’s why a top Liberal figure in politics, entertainment or media (such as the Editor at Newsweak) who engages in blatant sexism is not deemed to represent the Left as a whole, nor will he pay a price of any kind.  While any random moron who forwards a questionable email about Barack Obama speaks for all conservatives, and loses his job.  Got it?  It’s really not that hard once you figure out the basic ground rules–PC is for the purpose of controlling you and furthering their agenda.  You already knew there was a double standard.  But now you know why.

UPDATE: The person who forwarded that email  is a registered Democrat. Ooops!