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September 30, 2010

Postmodernism and Decline: Demographic Winter

Secular progressivism and its role in the decline of Western civilization has been previously discussed here at CCHQ .  Now for the mechanics of how that self-destructive value system works its magic.  Below a truly chilling look at what demographers are calling the Demographic Winter.  The decline of the human family.  This isn’t hyperbole or conspiracy talk.  This is the science of demography, and what you will see here will shock you to your core.  The population pyramid with the young on the bottom and the aging on the top that has been the norm since time immemorial has been turned on its head.

The West, and especially in Russia, is on a path of rapid depopulation.  It is said to be Vladimir Putin’s greatest concern. He is actually paying families to have children, but it’s not working because it isn’t economics which is at the root of this problem, it is our changing values.  The sexual revolution, the divorce revolution, cohabitation, nuclear family breakdown, individualism, gender roles, birth control, abortion, hookups with no plans for marriage, prosperity and a lack of economic incentive to procreate, young men no longer motivated to marry as they once were for the sake of sexual gratification, couples marrying at a late age or not forming families, or delaying their first child, etc.  According to the experts, these are some of the major reasons why the West’s fertility rate has so drastically declined.  This is why we are importing a replacement population from Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa, while our own shrinks–with the resulting Islamization of the West.

Watch the whole thing.  Demographers are pretty much admitting that their data-based claims affirm 100% the moral and cultural claims being made by social conservatives and traditionalists regarding family and the culture at large.  Let me repeat that.  I’m not only saying that demographer’s data affirms social conservatives, I’m saying that the demographers themselves are admitting that their data confirms social conservative views on the culture.  A culture that for 2,000 years has sustained Western civilization, now being undone in mere decades by the secular progressive cult of “progress.”

“As a society, we don’t like to talk about the causes of fertility decline.  We don’t want to possibly offend other people.  The really chilling thing about demographic winter is that none of these causes can be easily fixed.  It’s who we are, who we have become in these post-modern times.”

The final words of one of the social scientists here:  “Maybe the time of greatness for Western civilization has come and gone, and now we’re going into a retreat,” some cheer with your morning coffee, gentle readers? Probably not. I regret to say that the world that we know today is not the world our children will know.