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December 4, 2009

They Want to Shut You Up

The only people in this world who aren’t hypocrites are the ones without any standards.  If you have no standards to uphold, you have no standards from which to fall short.   That’s why christians and supporters of traditional values are so often accused of being hypocrites–because they HAVE values from which to fall short.  The same is rarely true of their detractors.  For obvious reasons.

But check this out:

Catch that?  In the deranged thinking promoted by the likes of Joy Behar, pro golfer and otherwise good guy Tiger Woods gets our props.  He gets our PROPS.  And why?  Essentially because at least he wasn’t someone who promoted traditional values.


First of all, as if the act of supporting/promoting traditional values is somehow “holding oneself up” as better than others.  That is patently false.  This is projection, and probably a guilty conscience speaking.  What’s more, to the likes of Joy Behar, the act of supporting traditional values becomes the crime itself when the standard isn’t met.  This kind of thinking is as deranged as it is common among the secular Left.  And what’s sad is that it makes absolutely perfect sense to them.  You aren’t going to dissuade them.  There’s too much agenda involved.  But hey, at least they will never be guilty of hypocrisy!  And for obvious reasons.

So what’s behind this?  They just want you to shut your pie hole.  That’s it.  End of story.