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May 11, 2010

Vandals Desecrate WW1 Memorial

This one is just too outrageous to wait on. After 75 years in the desert a memorial cross for veterans of WW1 –most recently embroiled in a leagal dispute questioning its ‘constitutionality’ (which is a joke since separation of church and state is the only ink on the Constitution the New Liberal agenda seems to care about!)– vandals have torn it down. Predictably, after frothing at the mouth following the Supreme Court battle to take it down major news outlets (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN) are slow to move on the story. (source)

a memorial to WW1 veterans

Please comment if you think I’m missing something here, but it is now clear that the ‘Western front’ has blown wide open. The rules of engagement are in the favor of the secular progressives. I for one am beginning to wonder if the Union will last another 25 years?

(i’ll continue to monitor the line to see how the story unfolds)