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December 11, 2009

Shocker: Avatar a “Metaphor”

Hollywood director James Cameron says his upcoming blockbuster Avatar is a metaphor for how humankind treats the Earth today.

I see it as a broader metaphor, not so intensely politicised as some would make it, but rather that’s how we treat the natural world as well,” the Canadian-born filmmaker said.

“There’s a sense of entitlement — ‘We’re here, we’re big, we’ve got the guns, we’ve got the technology, we’ve got the brains, we therefore are entitled to every damn thing on this planet’,” he said.

“That’s not how it works and we’re going to find out the hard way if we don’t wise up and start seeking a life that’s in balance with the natural cycles of life on earth.”

Another Hollywood movie as “metaphor”. Yes I know, as shocking as gambling at Rick’s.  I did have my strong suspicions, but I assumed the metaphor was more along the lines of the old outdated standard  “Western oppressors raping and pillaging all the brown peoples of the world” sort of metaphor instead of global warming.  Avatar, although written over a decade ago, at least still manages to stay current.

Of course, you know when Cameron says how “we” treat the natural world, and that “we” act entitled to every damn thing on this planet, and that if “we” don’t wise up, etc., you know he’s actually talking about YOU, not him, right?  YOU driving to the grocery story in your SUV–heck, in your Corolla–instead of the bus or light rail are mistreating the natural world.  His “we” doesn’t include James Cameron jetting to one of his multiple mansions in Aspen or the Bahamas on his Learjet, with a limo waiting on the tarmac.  You silly peasant, the world is their playground, not yours.  Because the global energy tax regime he wants to impose on you in the name of “balance with the natural cycles of life on Earth” isn’t going to affect his lifestyle, it’ll affect yours.

Like most of the social policy that the elites impose on you from the top down–ranging from government healthcare and school vouchers to global warming taxes–elites like Cameron can afford to buy out of it.  They’ve got the cash.  Much like wealthy sinners in the Middle Ages paid indulgences to the church–a “sin tax”–to buy their way out of penances and mortification.  Global warming is a religion, after all.