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December 13, 2009

Taboos Are to be Broken

In the clip below from a reality show called “Jersey Shore” we see a low-class thug suddenly turn around and deliver a closed-fist sucker punch to a loudmouth bar wench of whom he’d apparently had enough:

You found this jarring, my gentle readers, because you’ve been taught since the day you could pull your sister’s hair that boys don’t hit girls.  Ever.  Under any circumstances.  It is a cultural taboo.

This simple and immutable truth is apparently in dispute in the comments section at a prominent Leftwing website, with the traditionalists among them being called out by the feminist Discrimination Police so ubiquitous at places like that.  One poor guy is accused by one of the resident feminists of “sexism,” “gender bias” and seeing women as of a “lower class” because of his conviction that men, who are generally a lot bigger and stronger than women, shouldn’t go around punching out human females unless it was a life or death situation.  The Discrimination Police in question believes that equality between the sexes means everybody should be treated “the same”, and that includes women getting punched out by men.  As if “equality” and “sameness” are equivalent!  The simplisme of the Left on full display.  So the traditionalist guy I mention above, is denigrated by the defenders of the feminist orthodoxy, and accused of thinking he’s “bigger and better” than women simply because he expressed outrage at what he saw in the clip, and because he believes it’s wrong for men to strike women under any circumstance.  He is literally attacked for defending the interests of women!  The above are direct quotes, and they are in context.  To these feminist harpies of the far Left, the taboo in question isn’t the positive result of millenia of cultural evolution for the purpose of protecting the physically weaker female sex; no, it’s just another “social construct” probably imposed as an instrument of patriarchal oppression to hold women down.  Just another taboo to be deconstructed and discarded in neo-marxism’s long march through our culture and institutions.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the upside down world that has become modern Liberalism.  A Liberalism that has been hijacked by the far Left intelligentsia, which calls the shots, and everybody follows along, nudged ever Leftward, forever, if they hope to maintain their good standing in the “Liberal” club.  Where this runaway train is going nobody knows.  That’s why so many of us have jumped off at the earliest opportunity and now call conservatism our home.